4 Ways To Give Your Child A Gifted Education

16 May 2017
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Students who have above-average intelligence will find traditional classes boring. They need to be challenged in order to fully engage in their education. Fortunately, there are several options for parents to consider when it comes to giving their child a gifted education. Each one offers different benefits, however, all stimulate the brain and provoke an excitement for learning. Advanced Placement Classes If you desire to keep your child in the same environment with his or her peers, you can speak with the school and request your student be placed in AP classes. Read More 

Driving Instruction: Not Just Classes For Teen Drivers

11 May 2017
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If you are like most people, when you hear the terms driver's education or driving instruction, you probably envision a class of teenagers learning all of the rules of the road for the first time. However, driving instruction is not only about teaching newly licensed drivers how to drive safely; it is also about helping adult drivers learn new skills or further develop their own driving training. The fact is, learning to drive is not always a once and done thing. Read More 

3 Guidelines For Dealing With Dyscalculia

3 May 2017
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When your child has a learning disability or mental condition that makes it difficult for them to develop with other kids, you'll need to buckle down and make sure that you give them the assistance that they'll require. Dyscalculia is one such condition, which revolves around a severe inability or difficulty doing math related tasks. In order to see if your child has this condition and to help them out with it, read on and apply these tips. Read More 

SAT Testing 101: 3 Simple Ways A Tutor Can Help

12 April 2017
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During the last few years of high school, many students begin to think about college. By the time they're in their senior year, many students have several colleges in mind – usually with a preference school. Unfortunately, in order to get into college they'll need to take an exam: the SAT. The SAT test is designed to test the knowledge of high school students. Depending on the college, they may use the scores to decide whether a student is a good fit for the school. Read More 

3 Reasons To Start A Community Garden At Your Child’s Christian School

31 March 2017
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If you're on the PTA or in another leadership role at a Christian school such as New Hope Christian Academy & Early Learning Center, you may be searching for projects that will make a difference for both the students and the community. Starting a community garden is a great way to accomplish this. Here are three reasons to start a community garden at your child's Christian school: A Community Garden Promotes Strong Values Read More